World Building (St. Augustine Medical Center Demo)

The World Building course at Full Sail was a rigorous month of hands-on level design, asset organization and implementation, and lots of testing. It was the first time in the program during which all of our various areas of training in design and development for Unity were tested. Each week our professor seemed to easily circumnavigate the obstacles we’d put in place to our objectives, and making a world that was both fun and puzzling, while making real-world sense, proved to be very challenging. The demo can be downloaded here.

My contribution included building the entirety of the opening section (everything before unlocking the door at the top of the stairs), scripting for distance-based interactions like the doors that can be opened, scripting for collision-based audio events and voice-overs, and recording the entirety of the demo’s voice-overs.


broccoli_gold-2016-10-27-16-39-11-73 broccoli_gold-2016-10-27-16-42-40-58