Full Sail Final Game Project (Subversion FULL GAME)


TL;DR: here’s a video!

Download the full PC game here.
[Some bugs were left in due to time constraints. Build notes here]

The last five months of Full Sail’s Game Design program saw me and five other students go through an entire game development cycle in Unity, turning a short game pitch into a top-down stealth adventure that features ten complete levels and visual art made by other Full Sail students. If you’re interested in the original pitch that became Subversion, here’s a reference. You might be shocked at the difference between the pitch and the finished product!

Beginning with a course focused on design, my team and I laid out an extensive document that contained everything relevant to the game’s development, from systems and mechanics to core gameplay moments to thematic direction. The following months involved intense evaluations concerning first the game’s functionality, then level design and entertainment value, then art implementation and polish. At each step of the way, everyone on the team was busy and exhausted. Every success seemed to come with a handful of new development obstacles, areas where fun was lacking or the game felt unbalanced, and – of course – so many bugs. Scrambling to hold the project together while moving forward at a fast pace seemed impossible at times, and I think the big lessons we walked away with were these: learn how to do whatever you need to do; discern when to defend an idea and when to concede; communicate honestly and often; know your limits.

My contributions to Subversion include the following:

– Creating original pitch upon which initial game design was based
– Contributing to full game design documentation during pre-production
– Drafting mission descriptions that tell the game’s story in level select menu
– Creating “SUBVERSION” promotional image (top) and gameplay video

Scripting (C#)
– Suspicion level access and manipulation
– Line-of-sight player movement system
– Click interaction system
– AI for Socialites and Contacts
– Line-of-sight detection system for Guards and Security Cameras
– Objective system and interactive objectives
– Camera lock/follow system
– Configurable UI popup system for interaction bars and other world-space UI indicators
– Configurable UI system for in-game text notifications (level introductions, tutorials, status, objectives, items, etc.)
– UI systems for updating objectives panel, suspicion level, super-vision charge, hidden/detected status, Socialite shielding, and Socialite identities
– Animation states setup for player and all NPCs
– System for randomizing appearance of Socialites and Contacts on level start
– Socialite shielding system
– Play state setup and pause system
– Persistent save games for unlocking levels
– All sound and music event handling

World Building
– Levels 5, 9 and 10

Asset Implementation
– Implementing all animations for player and NPCs
– Implementing models for Security Cameras and decorative objects such as tables and chairs
– Drafting and implementing all in-game UI art excluding mission panel folder and item/suspicion UI (bottom-left)
– Generating and implementing all in-game SFX (some source samples acquired from Westar Music)
– Recording and producing theme song that plays during main menu (some source samples acquired from Westar Music)


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