Museum Tour Games (Mages and Rogues FULL GAME)

Download the full PC game here.

In and around 2012, my high school friend Joe Babcock and I stumbled upon Indie Game: The Movie and decided making games looked pretty doable. Having the only programming experience between us at the time, Joe began researching and learning how to make simple 2D games, while I jumped into the artist’s seat and started drawing pixel art. It was a way to pass the time and learn new things, and none of our early efforts amounted to anything. When the OUYA console’s Kickstarter was announced, we immediately bought in and spent the summer of 2013 playing Towerfall with our friends.

Later that year, I moved away to study music production. In college, I split my time between homework and game art for a project we were working on at the time. An interesting game jam surfaced that asked devs to make all games 4-player, in the same color scheme, and 60 seconds long. At the end, all the games that qualified were strung together in one online player. We furiously started work on a top-down brawler where players throw projectiles at one another and try to time blocks to defend themselves.

It was pretty bad. But our friends had fun slaughtering each other, and that was enough for us. We liked the openness of the OUYA console, and that its support for 4 native controllers and any number of third-party controllers meant more concurrent players on-screen. After the game jam we immediately started work on “the real thing.” I came home from music college that Christmas, never to return, and started studying online with Full Sail University about a month later.

Working on Mages and Rogues bolstered my friendship with Joe and my interest in game development during the program’s first few months, which didn’t have a whole lot to do with games. A few months after its release, a local art gallery had us setup a demo using the OUYA version, where I had the opportunity to explain art for games and game design as a career.

Joe Babcock now serves for the Capuchin Franciscan Province of St. Joseph (Midwest USA). He’s also made a game or two!