Game Design II (Find Me Demo)

“Find Me” came from a game development course where I needed to draw up a formal game design document, develop a working prototype and conduct several playtest sessions – all in a month. We were required to design our games around the concept of deception (sort of like how game jams constrain design concepts) and after furiously drafting and throwing out about twelve designs, I landed on “Find Me.” In this game, the player occupies people rather than being one, and can switch between characters at will searching for their target. In three weeks of development I made decent progress on a working prototype (download the demo!) which includes a tutorial for further explanation.

Find Me 2016-04-18 14-58-35-41Find Me 2016-04-18 15-01-08-13

I would love to take “Find Me” further with larger levels and player capabilities, and explore the applications for the “switch” mechanic. For now, though, this project sits on the back burner.