About (Resume)

Updated 10/2/17

Daniel Pruzina
Aurora, CO
Email: dpruzi@gmail.com
Twitter: @dpruzi
Current Employment: Delivery Partner at Amazon Flex

For a condensed list of my technical skills/experience, jump to the bottom of the page.


Find Me 2016-04-18 15-00-30-80

The main disciplines I’m pursuing are programming with C# and developing in Unity. For an example of where I’m at and the sort of games that interest me, check out my latest project, “Find Me.”

A lover of all things art, I have a natural inclination both toward music and video games – which I really think are some of the most powerful forms of art people can make. I studied for a semester at Visible Music College in Memphis, Tennessee before discovering that I have a greater passion for video games. I graduated from Full Sail University in 2016 with a BS in Game Design.



Music plays a huge role in my everyday life, and I’m a firm believer in the importance of music in video games. That’s why when a friend and I decided to develop and self-publish an Android/OUYA game, I knew I’d be producing a short album to accompany it. My work can be found on SoundCloud. Here’s an example of the music I did for Mages and Rogues.


Visual Art

I’ve had an interest in game art as long as I can remember. Having a base of Photoshop experience encouraged me to do all of the art for Mages and Rogues, as well as a series of pixel art pieces – one a day, for a month – to learn some tricks and techniques to work efficiently on pixel art. I’ve since produced sprites for a number of ongoing projects. Here are some examples.


Mages and Rogues (PC, OUYA)

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27 Legends (PC)

Merchant (Game Design I, Full Sail University)

Hero’s Gauntlet (Design Project, Full Sail University)

Tag With Friends (Android, iOS)

Flame Kid (PC)


“Pixel Days”

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Professional Experience

So far the bulk of my professional game development experience has been working in a two-man team called Museum Tour Games to develop Mages and Rogues. I hope to one day build a team in order to create games that are both entertaining and personal, and that bring difficulty and meaningful reward back into games.

I’ve also worked in another facet of the industry, though – journalism – purely out of my love for games and a never-ending desire to figure out what makes them good or bad. I wrote reviews briefly for Indie Game Magazine in 2014 (my articles are here) and have since been writing for Brash Games (here).


Condensed Technical Skills/Experience

6+ years

  • Electronic Music Composition and Production in FL Studio
  • SFX Recording and Mastering in FL Studio
  • Studio Recording and Stage Performance: Bass Guitar, Piano, Vocals

4+ years

  • Graphic Design in Adobe Photoshop CS5, CS6, CC
  • Video Editing in Adobe Premiere Pro CC

2+ years

  • Object-Oriented Programming with C# in Unity
  • Level Design and World Building in Unity
  • Game Systems Development in Unity
  • Game Design Document Drafting in MS Word
  • Digital Illustration and Storyboards in Adobe Photoshop CC
  • Game Journalism in WordPress
  • Resource Management and Version Control in Perforce P4V Visual Client
  • Professional Social Networking and Media Management on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter
  • Simulation and Data Analysis in MS Excel


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