Devlog 3/3/18 – Radial. Menus. Pt 1

After figuring out the way that the player will unlock new abilities in The Seeker, I had to take a fresh look at my placeholder system for selecting abilities (using the d-pad to cycle through them) and due to the fast-paced ability switching that will need to happen, I landed on the idea of using a radial menu.

That was two weeks ago.

I’ve tackled some interesting geometry problems already in this project (which I’ll probably write down later just so I remember how I solved them) but this one was a doozy. After scouring the web for ready-made radial menu solutions, I found none that avoided putting a cursor on the screen and comparing its location to the center of the menu to get an angle. I wanted a “real” radial menu – like in The Witcher 3, where you move the mouse or hold a stick on the gamepad and a selector rotates. With no starting point except some working knowledge of how rotations and input work, I went through many (many, many) potential solutions that completely flopped until I arrived at this.

Unity 3D 01.06.2018 -

The player unlocks a new ability and can select it and find more information about it in the radial menu.

Its appearance will probably change a lot but I’m happy with the way that gamepad and mouse movement are apparently identical in moving the selector around. The player just holds a button, moves the selector and lets go of the button to select an ability. I’ll be going into more detail of how it works in a later devlog – for my future self and other devs. 🙂



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